Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen




Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen is the start-up café located opposite Cheltenham Railway Station in Melbourne. In a collaboration with graphic designer Daniel D’Angelo, the visual identity design includes the branding, signage and collateral design for Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen.

The visual identity solution for Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen is based around a dynamic logo that is a combination of a custom hand-lettered logotype, and a pictogram symbol of a young boy. The youthful Milkboy character is a graphic illustration inspired by the traditional milkman of the 70′s and his iconic milkman uniform. The playful Milkboy icon appears upon the main signage for the café and boldly identifies the shop-front of the espresso kitchen.

A sense of warmth and nostalgia is created within the café from a European-inspired deli set-up filled with local and imported goods, as well as home-made baguettes, pastries, and quality espresso coffee from Supreme Coffee Roasters. All of these attributes come together to create a friendly and cosy atmosphere to define the quaint café that is Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen.

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Milkboy-Shop Front-Photography

Milkboy-Shop Café-Photography

Date: October 01, 2016