MDA Little Miracles




Little Miracles is the title of the awareness campaign in which kids with Muscular Dystrophy designed Christmas decorations, and Engineering Students at Monash University 3D printed replicas to raise funds to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy.

Muscular Dystrophy is a disorder that affects one in 625 Australians, leads to debilitating breathing, heart and mobility complications, often becoming fully dependent on a wheelchair by age eight. We wanted to draw the parallel between fighting the disorder, and 3D printing – that little by little, decoration or cure, miracles can happen.
I was the Lead Designer and Product Stylist of the campaign, working collaboratively with Creative, & Art Director.
Buy your own Little Miracle → mdalittlemiracles.org.au
Learn more about Muscular Dystrophy → mda.org.au




Eleven original designs were digitally scanned and modelled by Monash Uni’s engineers to 3D print over 200 replicas – resulting in 350 engineering hours and 1000s of printing hours. The project is even destined to become part of Monash’s curriculum for future funding efforts!
Making sure that the kids’ stories were delivered with detail and love was the number one priority whilst designing the illustrations, logo, packaging, posters, website and social collateral. Our photoshoot set design and product styling drew inspiration back to the kids’ original ornament designs’, whilst a bright palette and individually hand-drawn elements expressed the childlike innocence and purity of each decoration.














The outcome? We created a loving campaign that heroes Australians affected by Muscular Dystrophy and provides a new funding model for Muscular Dystrophy Australia to fund research into a cure.





Date: December 22, 2016