“Absent” is a series of mixed-media illustrations created using a variety of mediums including the combination of watercolour pencils, chalk pastels, tea, gouache, and ink.

The portraiture style is based upon the concept of “absent-mindedness” and how this idea can be portrayed through the simple action of a facial expression. A state of absent-mindedness is depicted physically by the facial expressions of the portraits having relaxed facial muscles, and eyes staring out into the distance. This lack of eye contact creates a disconnect between the portrait and the viewer but also adds a sense of intrigue and unconventionality. The resulting mixed media portraits are three youthful and delicate portraits that symbolise the state of absent-mindedness.


PortraitUrsula-Helen-Pape 3 2

Portrait-Ursula-Helen-Pape-Detail  Portrait-Jade-Helen-Pape-Detail


Date: May 01, 2016
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