Stationery Pop

  ¬†STATIONERY POP - Stationery Pop is a quirky and unique stationery series concept for the publishing house Hardy Grant. This stationery line explores the idea of transforming mundane office stationery into objects that are visually stimulating. Plasticine has been used to create a stationery series that appears as tasty as a Streets rainbow paddle pop; bringing a new life to everyday stationery.    
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  “ABSENT” - “Absent” is a series of mixed-media illustrations created using a variety of mediums including the combination of watercolour pencils, chalk pastels, tea, gouache, and ink. The portraiture style is based upon the concept of “absent-mindedness” and how this idea can be portrayed through the simple action of a facial expression. A state of absent-mindedness is depic
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Head Spin

  HEAD SPIN - Head Spin is a hand-drawn animation that has been created using graphite pencils.
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